Yayla Restaurant, Organized this secrecy contract to Show respect for secrecy of personal informations which are collected from Yayla Restaurant Web site users.

Informations which are collected from web site users, consist of name, address, e-mail address, phone or fax number and other informations from file's of cv which are send for job applications are presented as a volunteer by users. Yayla Restaurant will inform you before presentation of information about why they want this informations and how they will use them. So that it will be initiative of web site users to present this informations or not.

Also, Yayla Restaurant for statistical analysis collects some informations from IP addresses and cookies.

Yayla Restaurant, the personal information you provide on this web site , the information input during the site unless you knowingly and voluntarily disclosed to third parties shall not transfer or provide. Our basic principal is to provide secrecy for users, Yayla Restaurant, collects personal information online has taken the necessary security measures to prevent unauthorized interference.